HTML5 for Game Developers on Facebook

Lately one of the co-founders of Walletin, named Cory Ondrejka, joined Facebook. He seems to be getting on a treat because the platform’s advocate of HTML5 is going forward. The object pursued by Facebook is to incline developers to choose HTML5 over building native iOS or Android apps. Pursuing of this goal allows the company to avoid relatively closed intermediate members like Apple when it intend to introduce new platform functionality or bring products like Credits to mobile games.

Not long ago he and some other developers elaborated a new method to inspect high-performance gaming using HTML5 that was called JSGameBench. Both axis-aligned and rotated animated sprites are maneuvered around the screen at the rate of 30 frames per second.

The smallest quantity of sprites wanted for a decent game performance makes up 50. Ondrejka and his co-workers tested browser in order to find out their performance at drawing frames. Microsoft’s Internet Explore 9 took premier place; Google’s Chrome 10 came in a close second showing 1000 sprites per frame.

Facebook is not very popular among top mobile developers nowadays. Only a few users choose to employ Facebook integration over logging otherwise if it is included into the iOS app. According to top iOS developer Pocket Gems they only pick up about 217,000 monthly active users logged into the company’s top game Tap Zoo through Facebook on AppData and 333,826 on Instagram.

Facebook is getting astute developers together to choose HTLM5 over native apps that would give Facebook a good possibility to increase its income.

Dmitry Oreshko

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