Facebook Mobile Application 2.0 for Blackberry: Photos, Chat and Places

An improved Facebook Application 2.0 for Blackberry was introduced by the social networking site not long ago. It’s in a beta version as yet but disclosed a lot of advantages comparing with the previous version which was developed with menu after menu to scroll through to do anything. The new app is considerably quicker to boot and really easy-to-use.

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New Batched Requests For Facebook Developers

Application developers are now provided with a new tool by the social networking site. They are now empowered to batch requests whence it follows that they are allowed to access the Graph API more efficiently. The number of requests possible to be batched comes up to 20. Developers can also batch multiple HTTP methods and FQL queries, and are enabled to order operations to specify connections involved.

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Worldwide Access to Facebook Places

Facebook account holders from the countries listed below are now empowered to use location checking service Places. The implied nations are Brazil, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel and some other countries around the world. Range of the launch is under studying.

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Want to become a Celebrity on Facebook? It’s Easy!

Lady GagaIf you dream to be very famous but don’t feel longing for working hard for it or don’t wand to wait for your indistinct fame’s day you are provided with the opportunity to enjoy popularity right now without applying any special efforts. The social networking site will render you assistance thereby.
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20% of U.S. divorce cases are using Facebook Evidence

Divorce-Laws-FacebookRecently there was a survey conducted in America that intended to study the special features of divorce procedures in the USA. According to the results evidence from the social networking site is used in one out of five divorce proceedings in America.

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers that hold the opinion poll announced that 81% of 1,600 lawyers asserted the growth of evidence from different social networking sites used in divorce cases.

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Best Facebook Music Player Apps

There is a list of some music player plugins and Facebook apps of interest below. They should catch your attention especially if you prefer to integrate your music library straight from your Facebook page and don’t like default of music options on Facebook. These apps differ in appliance and features they suggest. Take a look! Read more

Popular Facebook Applications for Teenagers

It seems at first sight that all the applications presented on Facebook were created in the first line for young people mostly under 18 as the number of underage users is the largest if we glance at the average age grade of Facebook account holders. But actually there is a difference in preferences among the teens. That means that some of the apps are more popular among them whereas the others are much less common. Below you can find the list of the apps which seem to be the most favourable for young account holders of the social networking site. Read more

“Discover New Games” Module on Facebook

Thanks to the new sidebar module introduced by the social networking site and called “Discover New Games” there is a novel opportunity for Facebook account holder to be acquainted with unknown to him games played by his friends. This discovery channel displays several of user’s friends playing a certain game. The new feature is likely able to lower the developers’ trust to the marketing that is carried out with the purpose to increase the popularity of the games.

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New Virus on Facebook: ‘Naked and Funny’ Posts

The number of naked and funny videos spread over the social networking site has considerably increased in a short span of time. The video is not worth to be advised watching as is puts malware on your computer and spam on the walls of all of your friends.

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Update of Analytics on Facebook’s Insights

Analytics tool Insights were considerably developed by Facebook according to the statement of the social network issued a few days ago. Thanks to the improvements made as a way to enhance their quality admins of Page and Open Graph website are now empowered to receive information about operations accomplished using their Like button and Comments Box social plugins and info about the pages of their websites enjoying the widest popularity. Admins also gain the possibility to learn the age, gender, language, and place of residence of the visitors to their websites. If the website isn’t integrated into the Open Graph, admin is enabled to claim the site and get analytics about the data from his site published on Facebook.
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