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Facebook is Planning to Deprecate FBML and Allow Iframe Page Tab Apps

According to a recent statement of Facebook developers, FBML and FBJS will be depreciated since March 11, 2011 and Page tab applications are going to be built and implemented using iframes. Both canvas and tab applications are supposed to be built on the same programming model. In addition to that iframes will allow integrating social plugins and the Graph API into tab apps.

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HTML5 for Game Developers on Facebook

Lately one of the co-founders of Walletin, named Cory Ondrejka, joined Facebook. He seems to be getting on a treat because the platform’s advocate of HTML5 is going forward. The object pursued by Facebook is to incline developers to choose HTML5 over building native iOS or Android apps. Pursuing of this goal allows the company to avoid relatively closed intermediate members like Apple when it intend to introduce new platform functionality or bring products like Credits to mobile games.

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First Demonstration Of Facebook Phone from INQ

INQ Cloud Touch captured by TechCrunch, also known as Facebook phone was recently presented by INQ Channel Manager Andrew Bennet. The gear bears a resemblance with a white iPhone and has a bound with social network Facebook.

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Cool Facebook Emoticons Applications

Facebook introduces a new application that is aimed to perk up your mood. You remember those funny laughing, crying, cheering and raging faces that are often seen on forums and blogs. People use them to express their emotions. Now you have an opportunity to image your mood with such droll pictures, too. Just install one of these amusing Facebook pro emoticons applications and enjoy communication with your friends in a new fashion. It is especially pleasant that Facebook provides these apps for free. Read more

Popular Facebook Applications for Doctors and Patients

Facebook social network offers new applications which can be useful both for doctors and their patients. They include data about a great deal of different medical issues and this information is of vital importance as it concerns our life. Users are advised to pay their attention to the following applications especially when medical assistance is of dire necessity. Read more

Lack of Facebook Bi- and Same-sex Dating Applications

Not everybody likes dating applications on Facebook. This is significantly connected with the presence of different sexual orientations.

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Facebook Apps Help to Study Online

A large number of Facebook users consists of students. They play Facebook games, chat with their friends or just browse the network. But they not only have an opportunity to waste their time in Internet but to learn something new. In spite of the fact that the overall majority of students visit schools, colleges, and universities in order to get an education the number of people preferring to study via online means is increasing day by day. Educational portals avoid the main disadvantages of traditional education that cost a lot and includes inconvenient schedule. Read more

Facebook Emoticons by Facemoods

For some years now, smileys and emoticons have become an integral part of the Internet
lexicon. Smileys are most often used for unofficial emails and chats. Some services,
such as WordPress, even have a built-in converter that automatically turns certain
combinations of punctuation marks to smiley faces. A chat conversation without smileys
often feels less friendly and less expressive.
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