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The Sims Application on Facebook

The_Sims_LogoThe cult game The Sims later this month will be available on Facebook. The game will be called The Sims Social. Initially, developers promised to release it on June 23. Now launch is expected in late August.

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Facebook Released Mobile Application for Every Phone

Actually not for All phones, but for 2500 models. Facebook believes that this is enough to cover the vast majority of users. This mobile application works not only on smartphones, but also on simple phones with Java support. It has everything you need in most situations: news feed, messages, photos and photo upload feature. One can also search for Facebook friends using mobile phone contacts.

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HTC Status: Share on Facebook with one button

htc-status-facebookHTC starts selling the new smartphone Status on Android 2.3.3. Its main feature is a special button for operations at Facebook in the lower right part of the phone. According to the operator AT & T, which will promote the new product, HTC Status is the first phone in the world with a special Facebook button. It is designed for teenagers and young adults who like Facebook and use it very often from their mobile phones.

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Popular Facebook Application for Playing Alone

There are a lot of interesting entertaining games in the social networking site. But usually you aren’t allowed to play them without inviting of a plenty of your Facebook friends. There are even special payments required to be made in order to take part in the game without bringing any of your friends to the game. Read more

Best Fashion Facebook Pages to Follow

Here are the most popular Facebook apps concerning fashion introduced in the present article. As a matter of fact our tastes depend on the social networking sites a lot as they are actually distributors of vogue and dictate what is in and out of fashion nowadays. That is why you are strongly recommended to consider the opinion of fashion experts of the social networking sites, in this particular case Facebook in order not to be reputed as someone who keeps abreast of life. Read more

Quick Polling and Recommendations in new Questions Product from Facebook

The arrangement and intention of Facebook’s Questions product were considerably changed not so long ago. The redesigned tool concentrates on quickly polling friends and getting recommendations instead of previous long-form answers and following topics.
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Just For Fun Facebook Applications

The present article introduces some Facebook play applications that enjoy wide popularity among users of the social networking site. They differ from game apps on Facebook, e.g. Mafia Wars or FarmVille and won’t trench upon your time a lot as the games mentions above usually do because you gradually get addicted to them and loose your time control being busy with them. The play apps described below were created with the purpose to help you to entertain yourself if you have a little spare time. You will enjoy them without doubt. Read more

Popular Tools for Monitoring Your Children on Facebook

The discussions about the use of the social networking site by children appeared a long time ago and go on to remain one of the most important problems of today. The debates led even to enactment of age restrictions for Facebook users. Only children reached 13 years are allowed to register on the site.

But even if the child is old enough to be a Facebook account holder his/her parents are usually concerned about their child’s activities on the net. And this concern seems to be reasonable because the social networking site is full of data of different content.

That is why parents are advised to take control of the child’s actions on the site; and the following products were created exactly for the purpose to help parents to do it.
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Guide For iPhone Facebook Application 3.2

Recently a new version of the famous iPhone Facebook application was introduced by the inventive iPhone developers who clearly realize that the large majority of their client contains of true users of the social networking site Facebook. The improved 3.2 version is available on iTunes, the official Apple Store website. Read more

New Batched Requests For Facebook Developers

Application developers are now provided with a new tool by the social networking site. They are now empowered to batch requests whence it follows that they are allowed to access the Graph API more efficiently. The number of requests possible to be batched comes up to 20. Developers can also batch multiple HTTP methods and FQL queries, and are enabled to order operations to specify connections involved.

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