Social Searcher Major Update

social searcher home page

Recently Social Searcher service got a new look and feel, which should streamline user experience, provide new features and become 100% mobile friendly.

Social Monitoring has never been so simple with the full coverage of Web and Social Networks mentions, check up following steps:

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Social Searcher: 2 New Social Networks and Improved Analytics

vkontakte_vine_social_searcher2Recently Social Searcher team released a new version of the service with 2 new social networks on board: VK (Vkontkate) and Vine. Analytics visualization was also improved to address different screen sizes and simplify navigation.

VK (originally VKontakte) is a very popular social network among Russian-speaking users. As of November 2014, VK had at least 280 million accounts.
Vine is a video sharing social network where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. As of December 2015, Vine had 200 million active users.

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Social Searcher: New Posts Layouts and Filters

social_searcher_logo2Recently we released a new scope of functionality requested by our users for a long time: new cute posts layouts, as well as new data filtering and ordering features.

Now all users can benefit from the following posts layouts: Mosaic (default one), Horizontal and Vertical. Also search results can be ordered by Date or Popularity and filtered by Sentiment, content Type and Networks.

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Social Searcher API V2.0 Released


On this weekend we released Social Searcher API V2.0, which is designed in a RESTful manner and provides an easy way to integrate data with your own software without necessity to use interface.

Let’s have a look on the main features.

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Social Searcher: Facebook Update and 7 New Social Networks

Social Searcher updateOn April 30th 2015 Facebook deprecated the Search API for public posts by keywords, which provided poor results and was unstable. New API allows to monitor exact Facebook pages feeds to get more accurate social tracking. New version of the Facebook monitoring service by Social Searcher will collect all updates, mentions and comments on your own Facebook page or your competitor’s one.

Another big news for Social Searcher users: we’ve integrated 7 new popular networks for you to search. Share this great update of the leading free social media search solution with your friends and keep on reading for more details.

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30 Awesome Ways for Using RSS Feeds

RSS or Rich Site Summary is a widespread way for getting updates from your favorite news, blogs, forums and other sites without personally visiting each of them. Web feed goes directly to your reader service like Feedreader or Feedly providing all information in one place.

The first version of the RSS was introduced more than 15 years ago and lots of awesome web services going beyond traditional way of RSS usage were released since that time.

Let’s have a close look on variety of creative ways for utilizing feeds.

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Social Searcher Step by Step: Finding new Competitions and Wins

finding competitions wins social searcherHolidays are coming and it’s gonna be a really Hot time for the online competitions. Lots of people are using Google Social Search tool for searching their wins in different competitions and there is a handy guide Finding wins with Social Searcher thanks to Di Coke.

Recently we released a Social Monitoring feature update, which can help you to automate the process of finding your wins. In this article we’ll describe it step by step as well as some tips for the new competitions finding in real time.

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Social Searcher: All Web mentions and Discount coupon

all_web_mentions2 months ago we introduced premium social monitoring functionality and today we are moving one step forward in making Social Searcher as a single point for your web listening.

Premium plans now have access to the All Web mentions: news, blogs, forums, comments, videos.

We’d like to thank all social media enthusiasts for the feedbacks, site suggestions and general support.

Start new features test drive with 10% discount coupon for all subscriptions types in the next 10 days:

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Social Searcher: Now with Social Monitoring


We are glad to introduce premium Social Monitoring features, requested by lots of our users who are using Social Searcher on a daily basis.

New functionality is smoothly integrated into the existing interface and should be pretty helpful not only for the experienced marketers/entrepreneurs, but for the newcomer social media researchers and small business owners as well:

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Infographic: Sochi 2014 Social Analytics

We all saw a great closing ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympics a few days ago. Now it’s a good time to name social media heroes and the most remarkable moments of the Winter Olympics.
The Social Searcher team has collected and analyzed more than 3.8 million tweets relative to the Winter Olympics and glad to present this Sochi 2014 Social Analytics Infographic.

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