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Social Buzz: Miley Cyrus at MTV VMAs 2015

Miley Cyrus flashed visitors of the MTV Video Music Awards 2015. Users’ posts about Miley Cyrus from the popular social networks, that had a big viral effect recently.

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“Fear the Walking Dead” Premiere Hits Social Media


On Sunday night more than 10.1 million people watched “Fear the Walking Dead” debut making it the most viewed series premiere in cable TV history. Check up photos, videos and statuses about FTWD that are mostly discussed in social networks right now.

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Pretty Little Liars Finale: Fans Reactions in Social Networks


The Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale was a bit confusing due to the vast majority of the reactions. The most viral photos, videos and opinions for PLL from the social networks, trending right now.

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Bachelorette Reality Show Finale Goes Viral


The Bachelorette ended on 27 of July with a proposal, as usually. Shawn got down on his knee and asked Kaitlyn for her hand in marriage. Check out social buzz about Bachelorette trending now in social media.

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2015 Emmy Award Nominations in Social Media


Social media buzz about 2015 Emmy Award Nominations trending now: users’ opinions, videos and links.

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Suicide Squad Comic-Con Preview Goes Viral


An official trailer for Suicide Squad was released, after exclusive footage was leaked online following a screening at San Diego Comic-Con. Check up a collection of the viral statuses, videos and photos from social media dedicated to Suicide Squad.

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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice at Comic-Con


Comic-Con huge reveal: Batman vs Superman trailer, showing off the first big screen meeting of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel. Check up a collection of the viral statuses, videos and photos from social media dedicated to Batman vs Superman.

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Rihanna Rocks Social Networks with BBHMM Video


Rihanna’s new music video for ‘BBHMM’ (Bitch Better Have My Money) created in a horror film style just blew up the social media. Which videos, photos and statuses had the most impact recently?

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Social Buzz about Teen Wolf New Season


Teen Wolf season five is finally here, and it’s heavily discussed in social networks. Let’s have a look on the most shared content for Teen Wolf in social media.

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Viral Photos and Videos of BET Awards 2015


2015 BET Awards took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on June 28, 2015. Nicki Minaj sixth time in a row became the best Hip Hop singer, and Beyonce took top honours at the awards. The most popular photos, videos and statuses published recently in the social networks about BET Awards 2015.

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