“Fear the Walking Dead” Premiere Hits Social Media


On Sunday night more than 10.1 million people watched “Fear the Walking Dead” debut making it the most viewed series premiere in cable TV history. Check up photos, videos and statuses about FTWD that are mostly discussed in social networks right now.

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Fear The Walking Dead Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF Moments

Fear the Walking Dead Series Premiere – Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot – Review

Actual footage of me watching #FearTheWalkingDead

Видео опубликовано The Walking Dead (@thewalkinghumor)

Fear the Walking Dead Didn’t Really Grab Us – IGN Conversation

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Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave…




We already do Fear the Walking Dead, guys.




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oh, Fear The Walking Dead. You give my Sunday nights meaning again.

Just watched fear the walking dead it wasn’t as good as I was expecting oh well but damn!!! Nicks cute haha

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NYTimes: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Premiere Draws Record Viewers

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