Suicide Squad Comic-Con Preview Goes Viral


An official trailer for Suicide Squad was released, after exclusive footage was leaked online following a screening at San Diego Comic-Con. Check up a collection of the viral statuses, videos and photos from social media dedicated to Suicide Squad.

Sue Kroll from Warner Bros. Pictures, reported:

”Warner Bros. Pictures and our anti-piracy team have worked tirelessly over the last 48 hours to contain the Suicide Squad footage that was pirated from Hall H on Saturday. We have been unable to achieve that goal. Today we will release the same footage that has been illegally circulating on the web, in the form it was created and high quality with which it was intended to be enjoyed.”

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Suicide Squad – Comic-Con First Look [HD]

Secret Plot Behind Suicide Squad Revealed

Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

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Squad goals.


Margot Robbie Stays In Character In SUICIDE SQUAD Selfie.






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Ok so anybody else think in the new Suicide Squad trailer, Joker is talking to Jason Todd? Hence the Robin outfit in Batman vs Superman???

Suicide squad looks so so so good. I’m really intruiged to see jared leto as the joker and will smith as deadshot.

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