Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice at Comic-Con


Comic-Con huge reveal: Batman vs Superman trailer, showing off the first big screen meeting of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel. Check up a collection of the viral statuses, videos and photos from social media dedicated to Batman vs Superman.

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The new Batman vs. Superman Trailer has arrived! The last few trailers have been good but not anything great. This one is easily the best trailer they’ve released and one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a while. I love the angle they’re taking to explain why Batman wants to fight Superman, he was in the battle in Man of Steel where Superman basically killed/destroyed half the city. I’m sold on everyone’s performance in this movie except Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, he seems like he’s playing an over the top villain.

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Comic-Con: New Batman v Superman trailer does justice to eager fans


I swear this batman vs superman trailer got me some kind of way


Behind the scenes!





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The trailer I saw made me wish that I could see the movie right now. Batman vs Superman is going to be great

x men apocalypse suicide squad batman vs superman civil war deadpool fantastic beasts can’t wait for 2016!!!

Interesting that the only clear villain in Batman vs Superman is Lex Luthor’s hair.

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