Google Plus One VS. Facebook Like


Recently a new service called +1 has been introduced by Google. A new option offered by Google represents a real rival to the Facebook’s Like button. Plus one helps to estimate what exactly people are interested of and concerned about.

The new service will obviously enjoy popularity among internet users as Google is the largest search engine in the world. Over half of incoming traffic comes from Google and this number is the hugest among the traffics on other sites. By the way, the social networking site Facebook rank just next to it and takes the second place referring traffic.

There is a disputable issue if this option is so necessary in fact. There are a lot of other opportunities to express attitude towards the matter, e.g. Facebook liking, tweeting and now +1ing comes into play.

It is worth to underline that advertisements placed on Google will also include the +1 button now. This is just as Facebook gives publicity to its advertising products and collects their appreciations.

The wish of Google to become more social is spread before eyes. But it isn’t almost clear whether publishers will begin placing the Google +1 button within their own sites. Furthermore it isn’t defined whether Google’s publisher relations team will work extremely intensive or not.

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook Rumors.

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