Facebook Promoted Posts Tutorial

facebook-promoted-postsIf your Facebook page has at least 400 Likes, then you have a new opportunity for Facebook advertising – Promoted posts.

By clicking on this button at the bottom of the status update widget, you can select your budget for advertising, and then see the percentage of the users who read it.

Promoted post” will appear not only in the news of the people who “liked” your page, but also in the news feeds of the friends of all users who interacted with your post on the Facebook page. This feature appeared recently and is intended solely for the promotion of brand pages on Facebook.

How to make Promoted Post?

Using the status update form you need to create a new post and click on the “Promote” button. Select your planned budget for this post in the drop down menu. Be careful, this price is not a daily payment, but an all time budget for this post.


Once you finished with the budget, press “Save”.

Only the posts, which were created over the past three days can be “Promoted”, no matter, if it’s a usual status update, posting images or videos. By the way, if you need to change the budget for a particular post, you can always do this, by pressing the “Promote” button again and selecting the new amount in it. Your changes will be applied immediately, and the post will appear in the news feeds with label “Sponsored”.


How to narrow down the target audience and Start/Stop Promotion?

While creating the post, you can choose the countries and the languages ??for which this post is relevant. The required parameters can be selected by pressing the “Public” button.


In order to suspend the advertising of the post (to put it on “pause”), just go to it and press the button “Promoted for $ X” at the bottom. Click it and you will see a “Stop Promotion” link. Once you click on it, the post will automatically get the “Promotion Paused” status. Do the same steps for restarting the promotional post.

How to view the statistics of the Promoted Post?


Soon after the post ad creation, you can see it’s effectiveness with the help of the links in the lower right corner of the post. Statistics includes your post popularity: viral reach and paid reach.

How to pay for the Facebook Promotion?

By default, your usual Ads Manager account will be used for the billing of the promotion. However, you can change the payment method by clicking on the appropriate link, which will be available after the clicking on the “Promote” button.


How to make your Posts more Viral?

We already highlighted Best Practice in Facebook Fans Engagement, let’s remind the main rules:

- Actively use photos and videos in your posts.

- Promote discounts and special offers in your posts.

- Pay users attention to the special events and news.

- Ask “open” questions in your posts (use “when”, “where” and “why”).

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