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Worldwide Access to Facebook Places

Facebook account holders from the countries listed below are now empowered to use location checking service Places. The implied nations are Brazil, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel and some other countries around the world. Range of the launch is under studying.

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South Carolina Prisoners May Be Banned From Facebook

Convicts use computers and cell phones and consequently have access to Facebook which opening is not actually allowed in prison. The authorities find out new ways to prevent Facebook access by inmates. South Carolina offered to fine those who were caught surfing the social net. The punishment includes $500 and an extra month in prison.
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First Demonstration Of Facebook Phone from INQ

INQ Cloud Touch captured by TechCrunch, also known as Facebook phone was recently presented by INQ Channel Manager Andrew Bennet. The gear bears a resemblance with a white iPhone and has a bound with social network Facebook.

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