Facebook Salaries Statistics

facebook_salaryFacebook is one of the Silicon Valley companies, which pays the highest salaries to the employees. Even Software Engineering Interns of the social network, can be paid more than $ 74 thousand per year, while the salary of the lead software engineer – $ 132 thousand.

In the Glassdoor.com ranking, where employees of the American corporations anonymously publish the amount of their salaries, Facebook is on the third position in the list of the companies, which are considered to be the most successful place for employment. Google is on the 5, and Apple – 7.

As it is in the most of technology companies, software engineers – are the most highly paid employees in the Facebook.
Facebook salary of the Senior Developer is about $ 132.5 thousand per year.

One of the most lucrative engineering jobs in Facebook is a Machine Learning Engineer, which controls the contextual advertising. Software developers, which work on analyzing Facebook users preferences, earn about $ 124 thousand per year. Average developer in Facebook gets $ 111.5 thousand per year.

It is interesting to note that Facebook comparing to other IT companies has a special salary policy for the intern programmers. A young Software Engineering Intern in Facebook has a $ 74.7 thousand per year salary. The company tries to attract new talents in such way, Google and Microsoft have similar interns’ policies.

The second largest Facebook salary goes to the management, in particular, to the Product Managers, whose annual salary is $ 130 thousand. They are responsoble for the Facebook features to go Live on time.

Engineering Managers have a $ 123.4 thousand per year salary, Business Development Managers – $ 115 thousand and Project Managers – $ 98.3 thousand. HR stuff also have a good salary: about $ 80.5 thousand per year salary.

Facebook User Interface Designers are on the third position. The interface of the Facebook is one of the most important things for attracting users, so an average salary of the interface designer in Facebook is about $ 129 thousand.

Other Facebook Salaries List:

  • Product Designers – $79 thousand
  • Network Engineer – $121,5 thousand
  • Operations Engineer – $82,6 thousand
  • Site Reliability Engineers – $80,4 thousand
  • Account Executives – $62 thousand

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