Top 10 Football Clubs on Facebook

footballFacebook pages of the football clubs have millions of followers, today we are glad to present the Top 10. The most active Facebook footbal fans are from Spain, England, Italy and Turkey.

1. barcelona_football_facebook2 Barcelona FC – 28,8 million Likes
2. real_football_facebook Real FC – 26,25 million Likes
3. manchester_united_football_facebook Manchester United FC – 23,74 million Likes
4. Arsenal_football_facebook Arsenal FC – 9,61 million Likes
5. Milan_football_facebook Milan FC – 9,34 million Likes
6. chelsea_football_facebook Chelsea FC – 9,31 million Likes
7. Liverpool_football_facebook Liverpool FC – 8,87 million Likes
8. Galatasaray_football_facebook Galatasaray FC – 6,68 million Likes
9. Fenerbahce_football_facebook Fenerbahce FC – 5,49 million Likes
10. Juventus_football_facebook Juventus FC – 3,42 million Likes
Dmitry Oreshko
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