Angry Birds on Facebook!

angry_birds_facebookThe Rovio company launched Angry Birds App for Faceboook. It was reported by CNN.
In general, according to developers, this application for Facebook is a bit different comparing to its mobile version. Users can play on the standard levels with some advanced features: additional accuracy, more powerful birds, and much more.
However, users will have to pay for these bonuses. Representatives of the Rovio hope that users of Angry Birds Facebook will pay more gladly for bonus options then in similar applications like “FarmVille” or “Mafia Wars”.

Application producers also note the social component of the Angry Birds App Facebook. Now users are not just trying to beat their own records, but compete with other Facebook users. All game results will be displayed in the news. Users can also send gifts to each other and get rewards for the earned points.

Angry Birds mobile game was introduced in 2003. The application was installed over 500 million times on different platforms. In 2011 Angry Birds became the most popular application for smartphones.

Check up Angry Birds Application for Facebook now.

Dmitry Oreshko

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