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More Transparency in Facebook’s New Privacy Policy

Privacy IconIt is generally admitted that the system of Facebook’s privacy policy is a little bit too complicated for a common user nowadays. That is why the company’s recent attempt to simplify the system and to make it more transparent was welcomed with opened arms. The previous numerous pages of privacy policy are going to be replaced with some more readable scribblings.
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5 Tips To Quit A Facebook Addiction

facebook-crackedThe advantages of the social network Facebook were discussed and proved a lot. But nevertheless all of its account holder occasionally have a wish to delete their profile. The reasons are obvious. People feel addicted to the net; they can’t stop watching the news and numerous photos of their friends and organize their own lives in a way suitable to be later shown on their page on Facebook. We need hardly mention that complete quitting Facebook will cause loosing touch with all of user’s friends, at least by means of the social network. But that is not what we actually want to happen. As a matter of fact, we need only the methods to reduce our stay time on Facebook. And here are five useful advices how to do it.

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10 Main Facebook Privacy Settings

facebook_privacyA good privacy system in the net is of great significance. That is why Facebook pays to it so much attention and developed a multi-sided system of privacy aspects. You can choose out of over 170 options and get completely muddle herewith.

In addition to it the set of these options is not permanent; it changes from time to time and even if it looks like as you learned them inside out you may become confused after visiting this intricate Facebook Privacy Settings page next time.

The only way not to get lost in this tangle maze of privacy options is to focus on the most important ones. Below you will find 10 indispensible settings that will ensure security of your Facebook accounts.

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New Types of Malware

Two new types of malware were found by Panda Security. Both can serve as explanation for swindles which took place recently and were composed of stealing of Facebook accounts posting spam on users’ walls.
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