HTC Status: Share on Facebook with one button

htc-status-facebookHTC starts selling the new smartphone Status on Android 2.3.3. Its main feature is a special button for operations at Facebook in the lower right part of the phone. According to the operator AT & T, which will promote the new product, HTC Status is the first phone in the world with a special Facebook button. It is designed for teenagers and young adults who like Facebook and use it very often from their mobile phones.

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Facebook creates new Music Service

facebook-music-vibesIn the source code of Facebook was found mention of a product called Vibes. Perhaps this is a new music service on Facebook, which is rumored.

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Skype and Facebook have launched a Video Chat

skype-and-facebookFacebook in his blog announced the launch of a video chat network in conjunction with Skype. Although no additional software is required to work, still need to download the browser plug-in. Can simultaneously communicate with several people. While the feature does not work at all, but we are promised that “within weeks” it will be available for all Internet users.

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Mark Zuckerberg has registered on Google Plus

zuckerberg-on-googleplusFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg already have an account on the new social network Google +. There are 39 people in his circle at this moment, including technical director of Facebook Bret Taylor, and over 20 thousands of users added Zuckerberg to their circles.

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Facebook users can contribute to the Constitution of Iceland

iceland_flagAs you know, the economy of Iceland is still reeling from the financial crisis of 2009. Perhaps partly because of this, maybe because the government of this small country is trying to make a constructive dialogue with its people, to assist in the creation of a new basic law of the country – the Constitution. Anyway the Icelandic authorities have invited its citizens to the creation process.

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Automatic Facial Recognition on Facebook

facebook-facialFor the first time recognition of faces in photos appeared on Facebook last year, but it worked only for users in North America. Now, a new feature available to all users without exception. When you load a new image Facebook will try to guess who is it, and offer to tag this man.

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Possible Professions for Facebook Addicts

There is a chance for every Facebook user not just to use the social networking site for fun but also to make money out of it. And this is especially great for those account holders who can’t live without their favourite Facebook but want to earn something taking into account that employers usually don’t allow to visit social sites like that at the working place. Read more

Popular Facebook Application for Playing Alone

There are a lot of interesting entertaining games in the social networking site. But usually you aren’t allowed to play them without inviting of a plenty of your Facebook friends. There are even special payments required to be made in order to take part in the game without bringing any of your friends to the game. Read more

Don’t Add Your Girlfriend to Your Facebook Friends List!

Please, think properly before you add your girlfriend to the list of your Facebook friends. If you believe that this small step won’t change your life and bring some alteration to it than you are definitely mistaken. This article will show you why. Read more

What is Facebook Studio?

Recently, Facebook Studio was introduced by the social networking site. It displays Facebook’s marketing strategies and products. The purpose of the site is to attract advertisement agencies to improve marketing strategies basing on the social site.
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