Statistics: 38% of Children on Facebook are Under 12

children_facebookAccording to the new research, Facebook’s restriction for registration of users under 13 years old, does not stop little children from doing it.

Previously we had an overview of the Popular Tools for Monitoring Your Children on Facebook. Now MinorMonitor, a tool for parents for monitoring activity of their children on Facebook, reports that in a poll of 1000 parents about how their kids use Facebook, appears that 38% of children under 12 years old are on Facebook. Among 1000 children, according to their parents, 40 were under the age of six.

While children are happy to go on Facebook, 74% of parents are worried about their safety. More than half of parents (56%) are afraid of sexual maniacs.

Speaking of intimidation and psychological pressure, 41% of parents are afraid of this, while 30% think that their children have been victims of such actions.

More than half of parents monitor their kids on Facebook logging in under their password, a quarter do so as a friend and only 17% do not monitor their children at all.


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