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South Carolina Prisoners May Be Banned From Facebook

Convicts use computers and cell phones and consequently have access to Facebook which opening is not actually allowed in prison. The authorities find out new ways to prevent Facebook access by inmates. South Carolina offered to fine those who were caught surfing the social net. The punishment includes $500 and an extra month in prison.
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10 Main Facebook Privacy Settings

facebook_privacyA good privacy system in the net is of great significance. That is why Facebook pays to it so much attention and developed a multi-sided system of privacy aspects. You can choose out of over 170 options and get completely muddle herewith.

In addition to it the set of these options is not permanent; it changes from time to time and even if it looks like as you learned them inside out you may become confused after visiting this intricate Facebook Privacy Settings page next time.

The only way not to get lost in this tangle maze of privacy options is to focus on the most important ones. Below you will find 10 indispensible settings that will ensure security of your Facebook accounts.

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New Types of Malware

Two new types of malware were found by Panda Security. Both can serve as explanation for swindles which took place recently and were composed of stealing of Facebook accounts posting spam on users’ walls.
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