First Republican Debate’s Viral Statuses, Photos and Videos


Donald Trump wins in GOP Debate, let’s have a look on the most shared content in social media.

Viral Videos.

We Need Brain: Songify the G.O.P. Debate!

Any candidate unwilling to support eventual GOP nominee? | Fox News Republican Debate

Fact Checkers Working Overtime On GOP Debate Lies

Popular Photos.

After watching the Republican presidential debate last night…


The more I thought about last night’s debate, the more certain I became of what the dumbest thing I heard was.





Most Shared Statuses

Hillary Clinton trolling

Donald J. Trump:

I really enjoyed the debate tonight even though the FoxNews trio, especially Megyn Kelly, was not very good or professional!

In the News

Vox: Donald Trump is an embarrassment who is impossible to embarrass. It’s his superpower.

Bloomberg: Donald Trump Doubles Down in Combative First Republican Debate

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