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NBCUniversal ended up business relationships with Donald Trump due to the recent derogatory statements regarding immigrants. “I like Mexico, I love the Mexican people, I do business with Mexico,” he said. “But you have people coming through the border who are from all over and they’re bad, they’re really bad … We have people coming in and I’m not just talking Mexicans, who are killers, they’re rapists, they are people we don’t want in this country.” Let’s have a look on Social buzz about Donald Trump trending now in social media.

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Aaron Paul wrote:

Dear Donald Trump, You’re an idiot.

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TV network NBC fires Donald Trump over Mexico comments, Donald later insisted he was criticising US lawmakers, not Mexican people


Yeesh, if Donald Trump keeps this up there won’t be anyone left to vote


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Theguardian: Donald Trump backlash: ‘I love Mexico’ but promises border wall if elected

Time: NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump Over Immigration Remarks

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