Viral: Omar Sharif the Doctor Zhivago star dies aged 83


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TCM Remembers: Omar Sharif

Doctor Zhivago (1965) Trailer

Omar Sharif’s final film [TRAILER: 1001 Inventions - World of Ibn Al-Haytham]

Omar Sharif’s Best-Known Roles

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Omar was my first leading man in the movies. He was handsome, sophisticated and charming. He was a proud Egyptian and in some people’s eyes, the idea of casting him in ‘Funny Girl’ was considered controversial. Yet somehow, under the direction of William Wyler, the romantic chemistry between Nicky Arnstein and Fanny Brice transcended stereotypes and prejudice. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Omar, and I’m profoundly sad to hear of his passing. #OmarSharif


RIP Omar Sharif this is us kickin it way back in the day in Deauville. He was a cinema legend who broke through boundaries & stereotypes and one of the most charming men we’ve ever been lucky enough to know


Omar Sharif and Sophia Loren… Good night…


The NYT obituary for Omar Sharif, a star in the 1962 screen epic “Lawrence of Arabia”


Barbra Streisand remembers Omar Sharif: “He was handsome, sophisticated and charming.”


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Dailymail: Doctor Zhivago star Omar Sharif dies aged 83 after suffering heart attack in Cairo

Abcnews: Omar Sharif: ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Actor Dies at 83

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