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Greece economic crisis: not even the Greeks know for sure what they voted against on Sunday. The most popular photos, videos and statuses published recently in the social networks about Greece.

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Cartoon of the Day: Mrs Merkel, Listen to the Voice of #Greece People!


Europe without Greece is like a party without drugs


Sir, are you aware you are now Greece’s Finance Minister?


Love this: Greece’s finance minister resigned and left the Ministry of Finance with his wife on a motorbike


Greek Tragedy Masks China Meltdown.


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Breakdown of No in #Grefenderum by age 18-24: 85% 25-34: 72.3% 35-44: 67.4% 45-54: 69.2% 55-64: 59.4% 65+: 44.9%

Spain’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos on Monday said the euro currency was irreversible and Greece should remain part of it even after the Greeks rejected the conditions of a new rescue package on Sunday.

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Bloomberg: Greece Bailout Referendum: They Voted ‘No’. Now What?

Telegraph: EU dismisses Greek referendum as ‘not legally correct’

Reuters: New Greek finance minister is a change of style, not substance

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