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Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to take a lead in the race for LaMarcus Aldridge, let’s have a look on the most popular photos, videos and statuses published recently in the social networks about LaMarcus Aldridge.

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Pay Riley going to be sitting across LaMarcus Aldridge at dinner tonight like


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NBA Legion wrote: Damian Lillard is currently on a plane to LA, plans to meet w/ LaMarcus Aldridge in hopes to convince him to stay in Portland.

NOT NBA Tonight wrote: LaMarcus Aldridge had the Knicks 193rd on his list behind 2 WNBA teams, a YMCA team, and a high school so he saw no reason to meet with them

Lillard’s agent says he’s making an impromptu trip to LA to try to convince Aldridge to stay

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USA Today: LaMarcus Aldridge meets with Lakers a second time

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